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I want to help you get off the couch and live the healthy life you deserve. A PlantPusherLifestyle with healthy food, exercise and mindfulness.

From an overweight, over worked, lethargic and tired 25-year old I transformed myself to a plant-based endurance athlete. I've been helping people reach their goals in training and nutrition since 2008. I finally took the BIG step in 2015 to quit my global software company sales job to pursue my passion, helping you get healthy! Apart from being certified in plan based nutrition via Cornell University and a Newton natural running coach, I have taken my 15 year long journey of trial and error and put all my knowledge into this site. I'm also an advocate for biomechanically correct movement (move the way your body is built to move). All of this with one purpose. To help YOU get healthy. Period!


Getting Healthy Starts With a Healthy Mindset and routine. Start every morning with a nutrient packed delicious smoothie from my new smoothie book.

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