Eating the forbidden muffin, are you? – Part 2

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Mar 01


“The trick is to rewire the reward to a new healthy routine”


Oh yes please, what do we get? What what what what?

The cue-routine-reward loop looks like this, you get the cue (as in my last post at 15:00 I got the craving for a muffin), you do the routine (as in buying and eating the muffin) and you get the reward (as in my mind being satisfied after my muffin is eaten). The reward then links the cue and routine even deeper in your mind.

Yep, there’s some serious linkage going on here folks!

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So the question is,

what habit do you think you craving is satisfying? This might not be the easiest thing to answer, but we can definitely find out.

Find out how, ey? By testing different rewards of course.

So when you get the cue, in my case I need my muffin. Try for example having a cup of coffee instead. If that doesn’t satisfy your craving, try something different. Go for a walk and get some fresh air.

Did that fix it?

If not try again with something different until you find what reward you shut the craving up with so it will be satisfied.

For me with my muffin, it was that I needed more energy in my body. Both having something else to eat and taking a walk to get some fresh air worked for me.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves right now. In part 3 I will talk about how to insert the new routine.