3 ways to sleep better tonight

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Mar 15


“Sleep is one hell of a good thing when it is good, and one hell of a bad thing when it is bad. We over sleep and we under sleep and we try to regulate it by drinking coffee and whatever it takes.”


Sleep is mainly thought of as a quantity thing. More sleep is better. But that isn’t true

, it is actually a quality thing. 6h of good sleep is always better than 9h of bad sleep.

You gotta be kidding me? Nope!

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So how do we get better quality sleep? Let’s start with these three easy steps to make it more qualitative.

1. Get to bed in time

The human blueprint states that we are not nocturnal beings and our natural rythm has for thousands of year been in synch with day and night time. That is our digestion works best during daytime and our body repair works best in our delta sleep (deep sleep) during the night. Research shows that this delta sleep is most efficient between 22:00-02:00 at night. This means that if we get as much sleep in during this time at night we will help the body regulate and repair all that is needed.

2. Be grateful for the hours of sleep you get

Literally look at the clock when you turn the lights out and tell yourself ”I’m grateful for the 6h (or 7h or 8h) of sleep I get. I will sleep deep and well and when the alarm rings at 5:00 I will be full of energy, happy and ready to start my day.” Repeat this 3 times.

It is crazy how well this works, but you need to give it a week or so to start seeing the results properly.

3. Activate relaxation before sleeping

After you have told yourself that you’re grateful for the sleep you get (however little or much it is) do a relaxing breathing exercise. Lay on your back relaxed and breath in for 6 seconds making your stomach rise, hold the breath for 2 seconds and breath out for 8 seconds. Basically counting to 16, 1-6 breath in, 7-8 hold, 9-16 breath out. Repeat 4 times.

This is powerful when you practise and get it right. As always you need to get the routine of it and I recommend trying it for at least a week before you start noticing a difference.

Please comment below and tell me what your experience is.