3 ways to start eating healthier today

By info@plantpusherlifestyle.com | change

Mar 22


It’s all about getting nutrient dense food in and skip the calorie dense, nutrient poor food.”


So eating healthy seems like a good plan right. But what is healthy eating? Well, to boil it down it means to get more nutrient dense foods in our bodies and skip the calorie dense foods. Here is three easy ways of start making healthier choices today.

1. Understand that oil is a processed food even if some oils are marked healthy

I guess that no one has missed that olive oil and coconut oil has been seen as healthy oil alternatives lately. It is true that they are healthier than for example canola oil. However, all oils is a processed product where they have taken a whole food (like the olive or coconut) and squeezed the oil out of it leaving the vitamins, fiber and nutrients behind.

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Example please!

1 tbsp of olive oil is around 120 calories and comes from about 45 olives. So next time when using olive oil, picture those 3 tbsp of oil to cook in as the whole food that they are, that is 130 olives. This will give you a perspective of how much you actually use. Especially if you’re like me and are free styling the tables spoons and easily makes the 3 tbsp a lot more like 5.

2. Switch to pink himalayan salt

Himalayan salt have 84 trace minerals. If your using salt you might as well get as much minerals as possible. Now, getting rid of over use of salt is another question for another time.

3. Use date suger instead of white processed sugar

White sugar is as the oil a processed food that is derived from a whole food weather it is the sugar beet or sugar cane for example. It takes roughly 10kgs of sugar cane to produce 1kg of sugar. Again as in the oil this is a processed product stripped of vitamins, fiber and minerals. So use date sugar instead. This is the only sugar that still contains vitamins, fiber and minerals. Mainly because it is dried and ground dates.

How easy is it to make it yourself? Too easy!

Put a pan of pitted dates in the oven at 125c for 2-3h. Turn of the oven and let them rest in there over night. Bring them out in the morning and blend them in a mixer. Store in an airtight container. This sugar can be used in or on anything. Maybe not your coffee since it doesn’t really melt.

But then again your coffee is best when it is of high quality and black so that doesn’t really matter anyway.