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May 17

The Green Smoothie Life Saver!

By | Habit , nutrition , stress

When you sleep you’re in a fasted state. That is no eating or drinking for maybe 6-9h. When you wake up, the body need to be hydrated and get energy to start your busy day.

So what does this have to do with Green Smoothies? A lot…

In the morning after the fasted state the body needs something that is nutritious and easy to digest, and what is better than a juicy Green Smoothie? Well, not much and here’s why!Continue reading

May 17

How to exercise more without working out!

By | Exercise , Training

We’re all moving around a bit and doing certain daily chores and what not. What we don’t think about is how much we actually move around. So while we move around, why not just extend that a little?

Whoooohaaah! Now what is this? Is it actually possible? Oh yes!

Let me give you some examples!

Do you in a week use an elevator or escalator at some point?

Do you in a week park your car in a parkinglot to go shopping or similar?

Do you in a week ride the bus or subway somewhere?

If you’re normal, at least one of these 3 things will cross your path. So let’s break them down real quick.Continue reading

May 10

3 things to do to sleep better tonight

By | sleep , stress

Well, we’ve all been there. Tired and being up too late and going to bed for what seems to be a fantastic nights sleep.


The same second you put your head on the pillow the minds goes wild. And all of a sudden you’re just wide awake, starting to stress out of how much you need to sleep. You feel the tiredness in the back of your head, but the mind thinks otherwise.

Recognise it? I thought so!

So what to do to minimise this happening? Continue reading