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3 things to do to sleep better tonight

By info@plantpusherlifestyle.com | sleep

May 10

Well, we’ve all been there. Tired and being up too late and going to bed for what seems to be a fantastic nights sleep.


The same second you put your head on the pillow the minds goes wild. And all of a sudden you’re just wide awake, starting to stress out of how much you need to sleep. You feel the tiredness in the back of your head, but the mind thinks otherwise.

Recognise it? I thought so!

So what to do to minimise this happening?

Here’s three things that might help.

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1. Put away any device 1h before bed time.

We have light recptors in our eyes and the blue light from our devices (yes TV is a device as well) stimulates the receptors. Putting away the devices 1h before bed time makes us naturally prepare for sleep.

2. Read

Reading a good book, make it fiction or a biography, will make our mind relax and prepare for sleep. Why not a practical book then? Well, reading something that will stimulate action will make you get all rowled up again, which activates the mind.

Active mind = less sleepy

3. Make your bedroom a bedroom

Might seem obvious, but bringing in all types of different non sleep things in the bedroom like TVs, iPads or even reading alters the meaning of the bedroom. We need to program our mind to go to sleep when we get to bed. Not to be excited to watch more TV when we get to the bedroom. Or just looking at a few more posts on Facebook. No, the program in your mind should be get inte to the bedroom and sleep. Just like we prepare our kids to take on their pyjamas before bed, it prepares their mind for sleep.

Let me know in the comments below how you find these tips or if you have any other ways you handle sleeping.