How to exercise more without working out!

By | Exercise

May 17

We’re all moving around a bit and doing certain daily chores and what not. What we don’t think about is how much we actually move around. So while we move around, why not just extend that a little?

Whoooohaaah! Now what is this? Is it actually possible? Oh yes!

Let me give you some examples!

Do you in a week use an elevator or escalator at some point?

Do you in a week park your car in a parkinglot to go shopping or similar?

Do you in a week ride the bus or subway somewhere?

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If you’re normal, at least one of these 3 things will cross your path. So let’s break them down real quick.


If you going 3 floors up, wlak the first floor and take the elevator the rest of the way. At airports for example I always walk instead of standing on the long flat escalator bands.

Sound easy right? Right!


Instead of stressing out trying to find a spot as close as possible, park far away and walk a little bit longer.

Too easy? It is easy!


Walk to the next stop and then take the bus or subway or get off a stop earlier on the way home and walk the last bit.

Can it be simpler? No!

So what’s all this then? Being more active is key for being healthy. And we’re being less active these days since everything from warm homes to buses, cars and elevators is to make it more comfortable for us. Let’s calculate!

Let’s take a bus ride going to work.

You go to work 5 times a week. It takes you 10min to walk home from the bus stop that is one before your ”real bus stop”. A 10min walk burns 100 calories (we’re all different but let’s take 100 to even it out in this example). Just to demonstrate let’s work 52 weeks in a year.

5 (5 days a week) x 100 (100 calories per 10min walk home) x 52 (52 working weeks in a year) = 26 000 calories

1kg of fat is around 7500 calories. 26 000 / 7500 = 3.4kg

So just by using this simple method you will burn an extra 3.4kg of fat. Now, add in shopping on weekends, walking a stair a day etc etc. This will become more over time. Now this is an extremely simple example, and our bodies are extemely advanced. So this calculation will not fit everyone, some might burn more, some less. But it demonstrates that just piggybacking to an existing routine, making it a little longer will over time add up to major results.

Let me know how you’re extending your daily routines to get some more exercise in.