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The Green Smoothie Life Saver!

By | Habit

May 17

When you sleep you’re in a fasted state. That is no eating or drinking for maybe 6-9h. When you wake up, the body need to be hydrated and get energy to start your busy day.

So what does this have to do with Green Smoothies? A lot…

In the morning after the fasted state the body needs something that is nutritious and easy to digest, and what is better than a juicy Green Smoothie? Well, not much and here’s why!


We all need to drink water since most of our bodies are made of water. Combining the water with some real nutrient packed fruits and veggies will make your body happy and ready to go.


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You can basically make you green smoothie from anything green. Making it taste good is another question, but if you know what to do it is not that hard. Now, fresh fruits and veggies will give you action packed nutrients to make you body start the day in optimal condition. Fresh fruits and veggies will also give you a healthy portion of fiber. Fiber is good for your gut biom as well as keeping you regular.

Easy to digest

Especially in the morning you need something that the body can digest easily and extract maximum of energy from. Eating food that is hard to digest might make you even more tired and in the worst case scenario, more energy needs to be used to break down the food than the body can extract from it. Most people mask this with drinking a lot of coffee to be somewhat awake. Now, caffeine might hinder the nutrient to be extracted so that is a combo not recommended.

Food that is hard to digest = tired!

Food that is nutritious, delicious and easy to digest = energy!

Sounds fair right? Right!

So help us with a Green Smoothie recipe? Easy!

Green n Sweet

1 banana

2 oranges

50g of spinach

2 dates

500ml of water

I’ve made Green Smoothies for the last 4 years or so and they have powered me through hungry mornings, cosy afternoons, Ultra marathons and Ironman Thriathlons. I have a good knowledge of plant based nutrition and I make fabulously delicious smoothies. So come join me in my FREE 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge where I’ll give you shopping lists and recipes with the right tasty touch. The next start is January 9th. Click here to sign up!

I feel awesome, love that my skin is all glowy glowy. I’ve lost some centimetres around the my waist. Enjoyed the challenge through and through. I wouldn’t mind doing it again and again. Thank you!

Mai from Johannesburg