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Are you sleeping like you should?

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May 28


We see it all the time, constant coffee drinking trying to get back into form right after you’ve slept all night.

What is this all about? Aren’t you supposed to be well rested after a night sleep?

The answer is yes!

Coffee is a nice beverage but also quite a hassle. Its main component we all crave is caffeine. Caffeine is the substance that makes us wake up and feel energised (if you haven’t been drinking for a while) or just getting back to a normal state of enduring the day (if you’re drinking too much). The thing with caffeine is that it stays in the body for hours after we drink. And if you’re a little sensitive like me, it can stay there too long and disrupt your sleep. Which means you sleep lightly and won’t get the much needed deep delta phase sleep where the body repairs and rebuilds.

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Yes, but I can drink coffee right before I go to sleep and sleep well!

OK, and what is the first thing you need to get going in the morning?


Some people might have a tolerance for this, but most don’t. It becomes a vicious circle. Coffee to stay awake, sleep bad because of too much caffeine, more coffee to wake up, more coffee to get through the day, get to bed exhausted because you been high strung on caffeine all day then sleep bad because of caffeine. This is a stress on the body which we can see result in more belly fat, dark rings under our eyes and volatile temper if no coffee is found. We all have those “I NEED COFFEE NOW” friends right?

But we can all get through this, don’t worry.

Start with a coffee curfew. I don’t drink anything with caffeine after noon. Not even tea. You can also drink coffee first thing in the morning then switch the other cups out for tea. Tea has a more “calm and awake” vs coffee’s more nervous “rocket up rocket down” energy. Tea also doesn’t crash in the same way coffee does, making you want more to keep the buzz going.

Let me know what your situation is and how you drink coffee in the comments below.