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Are you going to waste it all on your honey moon?

By | Exercise

Jun 08

Every year new year resoutions is broken because of wasting it all on the honey moon!

Well, to be fair this is not your actual honey moon, but the honey moon phase in step 4 of the 7 steps to reach success I’m teaching. The steps are as follows:

1. Legacy
2. PPL Mindset
3. Base
4. 40×40
5. Breakout
6. Adaptation
7. Wave rider

In step 4, what I call 40 days for 40 years we have the honey moon phase. And it is in the beginning of your actually work, where you push the pedal down and do what you decided to do. It is easy to become too enthusiastic when you’ve decided what you want your legacy to be, you have acquired the right mindset, you have build your base, you have all the motivation in the world and gotten your resources down. NOW it is time to finally get moving!

We see this every year after new years eve. It is decided and you have finally made the decision to make a change for the better. You got your gym card, you dialed in what to eat and decided to go hard. 4 times a week for 60 minutes to the gym, no late nights, smoothie for breakfast and sallad for lunch and nooooo snacks.

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6 weeks in and after week of the yearly flue, you’re beat. You lost the intention and motivation for the gym sessions, it’s hard. You just want to go out with your friend every now and then, have a glass of wine, eat a pizza and an afternoon muffin.

Have you ever felt like this?

You’re not alone, it’s only about 45% who makes it longer than 6 months. Most people don’t even bother making a resolution, some probably believe it is not worth it.

So how do we get past this ever so big hurdle?

Let’s make a running analogy. If your going to run a marathon which is a little over 42km, you can’t expend all your energy in the first 5k of the race.

That’s easy to understand right?

Same thing goes with changing into a healthy lifestyle. This is not a weekend away and then it is done, it is a life long journey. And it is going to be hard until it gets easier.

So back to our new years resolution. What should you have done instead? The answer is using micro wins. Starting to build a new healthy routine by small small small wins (creating a winning streak), and over time you’ll see a big change.

An example would be, talking a 15 minute walk everyday, instead of to 60 minutes at the gym. When the 15 minute walk is in the bag after a few weeks, you can easily move it up 20 minutes. It is more important that you are active every day than just a few times a week. You will have much easier getting back to your 15 minute a day walk after being sick or too busy (well there isn’t too busy, just prioritisation). Then adding things up after a few months you’ll start to see that your actually much more active. 15 minutes a day for a month is actually 450 minutes, which equals being active half an hour every other day. When was the last time you did that for a full month?

It can actually be this easy, it will take time, but we’re after sustainable change right and not just a quick fix? And by doing it in small step every day, you’ll train you willpower and mindset into taking action.

And taking action is the only thing that will make you healthier right?

Let me know in the comments below how you think this might be useful in your life.