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Are you in survival mode all the time?

By | Habit

Jul 05

Animals (including us) are survivalists and are focusing on staying alive

Ever heard of the human blueprint? No?

It has a lot of names but I call it the human blueprint. It is basically the way our body and mind works a s a default. The same way it has for the last couple of 100 000 years.

As with any other animal we are basically hard wired for survival. The survival part comes down to 3 things.

1. Pleasure (food, sex)
2. Pain avoidance
3. Energy conservation

So what am I saying? Are we predispositioned to eat, have sex, avoid pain and relax? Yes!

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It doesn’t sound that bad does it? NO!!!

But wait, where does it really fit in?

Rewind 50 000 years and we were basically living in caves, didn’t have snickers bars at an arm lengths disposal at all times, we had predators that could kill us and we needed to preserve energy to be able to find food and make our gene pool move on. Here is where the survival instincts fit in.

So this means we’re hard wired for survival. The primal parts of our brain looks for calorie dense food (sweet and fat to build up for the oncoming winter starvation), avoid any pain that could jeopardise us and conserve energy so we can find food and reproduce.

So when we eat sugary and fatty foods we’re stimulating our pleasure center. The problem is, we have access to that type of food all the time. The more we stimulate, the more used to it we get, and to be able to get the same pleasure feeling we need to increase the food intake.

This was the way I suddenly found myself eating 2 Big Macs, 1 cheeseburger, large fries, large soda, a sundae and an apple pie when I went to McDonalds!

Crazy huh! I’m basically looking at it in disbelieve right now.

So how can we get on top of this?

Easy, we have very adaptable taste buds and the more we eat a certain food, the better it tastes since we get used to it. This works for unhealthy food and goes the other way around when eating healthy food. The more consistently you eat healthy food, the better it will taste and you will eventually start craving it. We’ve seen this craving with the smoothies I’ve created for my 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge.

One way you can try this by doing a 24h palate cleanse. Eat your last meal at 18:00 on Saturday. Then drink water all through Sunday until 18:00 when you eat dinner and then eat a big healthy sallad. I mean BIIIIIG healthy sallad. On Monday you will start to feel a different taste to what you eat.

It’s not going to be easy, but it will be a mini kickstart of a taste bud restart.

Let me know in the comments below if you tried it, have any questions, and what you think.