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Are you still waiting for motivation to show up?

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Jul 12

Being motivated is good, but having a fierce willpower is 100 times better

Well are you waiting?

One of the biggest misconceptions now a days is that we need to be motivated to do stuff all the time. And yes, motivation is nice, but if we really want to get something done

we can’t rely on motivation alone.

So what do we need then? Willpower!

Willpower? What is that and where can I buy more of it?

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To be honest, you already have it, but might not be aware of that you’re using it everyday. Take brushing your teeth for example. Are you always motivated to do that in the morning or does it more feel like an automatic respons as something to do in the morning as a part of your routine to finish up before work?

Well, our parents beat us in the head to brush our teeth until it became an automatic task we execute in the morning, USING WILLPOWER! You don’t need to feel motivated, you eat your breakfast and the go “bang the brushing out” in the bathroom right?


Interestingly we can both train our willpower and drain it.

Ever felt super motivated in the morning to work out after work just to find yourself totally out of steam in the afternoon skipping the workout?

Hah! We’ve all been there…

That is a case of drained willpower. Let’s say we have willpower for 10 decisions everyday. If you execute the 10 decisions before end of work, you’re likely to skip working out. If your left with 2, working out is suddenly an attractive option. So what decision do we do each day? I think you have a lot of decisions you don’t even think about. So let’s look at a typical morning!

1. Make bed or not
2. Pillows on bed in which order
3. What to have for breakfast
4. What to wear
5. Shower or not
6. Shave or not (or for feamles what make up to wear)
7. Which jacket to wear or hat or shoes
8. Go by bus, bike or car to work
9. To bring lunch or snacks
10. Listen to music or not when leaving the house

Well, if you only have 10 decisions, rolling into work with nothing left is why we sometime won’t get anything done. You have kids? Then you know that the decisions double up. And on top of that your own willpower being drained trying to get them to do what you want them to do right?

So the trick here is to make as much a routine as possible. A routine would be to decide to always make you bed and put the pillows on in the exact same order.

Baaaam! 2 decisions gone, no need to decide that anymore. Our brain constantly looks for shortcuts to make things into routines to save energy.

And you’re a good person right, so why not help it along a little?

Every routine will eventually become a rutt, but then it is only to change it up and continue with that routine until it needs to be changed. Another time save is to actually decide what to wear the night before. Frees up a lot of time, stress, agony and decision making, trust me.

So go out and start building routine and let me know in the comments below how you’re doing.

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