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Seek those who fan your flame

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Sep 06

Have you ever wanted to make a lifestyle change, only to find your peeps not up to the task?

I was watching the Netflix Series The Get Down the other night. The specific episode was named ”Seek those who fan your flame”.

This is such a true statement, “Seek those who fan your flame”.

Have you ever wanted to make a lifestyle change, only to find your peeps not up to the task?

I have, and lots of other people as well. In most cases if your serious about taking action, being around people who are not interested in going your direction is not what’s going to make it happen.

That’s why there are communities like AA for example. Like minded people who are striving towards the same goal and gives each other support and encouragement.

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Ever heard of a superstar who threw their whole career away due to some idiot stuff they did?

Yes, there are millions of examples wether Mel Gibson, Lindsey Lohan or OJ Simpson. Some people can’t let go of the past, some people didn’t find the right people to fan their flame.

Getting healthy is a serious path to walk on, and on that path you can’t have certain persons dragging you in the opposite direction. If you want to succeed you need to find the people to fan your flame. People who support you, people who share your interest and ecourages your change.

Sometimes you need to make drastic decisions and drop old friends who doesn’t give you the right energy. Sometimes it is enough to find a new supportative environment with the right fan flaming people to give you the strength to handle all the other drama.

It might be as easy as just to find a community or club to hang out with. Start hanging out with the healthy person at work or join a cause or challenge to help you take time off from your daily grind and fan you in the right direction.

Let me know in the comments what’s your biggest hurdle is to get to a healthy lifestyle.