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Having a hard time saying no?

By info@plantpusherlifestyle.com | Habit

Sep 14

Do you have a hard time saying no? Or are you just a victim of a perspective manipulator?

We all have them, it’s in the media, in our heads, in our friendly circles. That is one person who bends your perspective until you say yes.

Have you ever had one last drink although you are already tired, drunk and ready to go home?

Perspective Manipulator

Have you ever worn black because it’s supposed to make you look skinnier?

Perspective Manipulator

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Ever eaten the last cookies in the box just because it is Sunday, and you’re starting fresh next week?

Perspective Manipulator

Well, that last one is me. Me me me me. I have a habit of starting things new on a Monday. And god forbid saving half the cookie box until next weekend.

Nope! Can’t have it laying around on a fresh week, need to exterminate it, with my mouth. Now.

Ok, so how do we tackle the perspective manipulator, wether it is yourself, co-worker, spouse or friend?

It is quite simple. You need to practice to recognise when the perspective is being manipulated and make a conscious decision. That is the only thing that works.

Conscious decision ey?

Yep! You need to decide for yourself what the action is. So next time your co-worker wants to drag you to the pub on a Tuesday night, because they are boooored. Remember that you need to get home and do your laundry, since you’ve just turned your last pair of underwear inside out.

Don’t let the manipulated perspective guide you, let your own decision and willpower do.

Let me know in the comments what your funniest perspective manipulation has been!