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Apr 10

Ultra running seems cool – Part 1 – How do I start?

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Then of course, as you dive into the ultra/endurance world you will read of feats that just sound insane.

Well, it’s not just cool it’s fucking awesome. Imagine coming to the coffee break on Monday morning telling your job friends that you only ran 3h on Saturday, because you did a back to back and ran another 2h on Sunday. Just by the look at their faces, Continue reading

Apr 03

I want to start running – Part 3 – The first 5k

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Doesn’t matter how slow you go keep moving until 1500m is done.

After being able to run the 30 minute session I’ve described here, you might be looking to run a full 5k. And how do we do that you might ask?

Well, I’ll tell you!

We’ll be unsing the same build up technique as we did in the 30 minute session to make it to 5k of non-stop running. We will set out to do it in 10 weeks. But no one says you can’t do it in less time if you feel strong and want to take the plunge.

The 10 week program Continue reading