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Making the food

Making a Smoothie
1 Serving

Energy Bars
Serves all week

PPL - King of Oates
1 Serving

Raw Tomato Sauce
Serves all week

Bean Stew
2 Servings

Pasta With Mushrooms
1 Serving

Bonus Material

Bonus - Oxygenation Exercise

Bonus - Human Blueprint

Bonus - PPL Mindset

Bonus - Mindful Eating

ChristerHealth Helper

Our Human Blueprint explores what is hard coded into our beings and explains why we sometimes act the way we act. The PPL Mindset teaches the formula for success, how we can build a successful mindset and override the Human Blueprint "Default". When was the last time you actually sat down and ate, just ate? Mindful Eating explores how to actually eat and enjoy it to the fullest.