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First I would like to congratulate you for caring enough about your well being that you chose to do something about it. Most people just accept that they are not eligible to be healthy. That is just nonsens. Everyone can and have the right to live a healthy life, but the sad fact is that most people doesn't do anything about it. But you do! And that's is fantastic and takes both motivation and willpower.

So congratulations again!

I have created this program from my own experiences with these different methods. I go through a lot of research, try out a lot of stuff on myself, then try it out on my own little guinea pig group. It mostly contains my wife and my family. If I get the results I'm looking for I go through with it out to you, the people I help to get healthy. And this is the result of years of trying and testing. My aim for this program is to help you kickstart your life into a healthy lifestyle.

There are a lot of different kinds of ways out there, most of them scams. They teach you to lose weight, but never how to live you life. I teach how to live your life healthy, and the weight loss becomes a nice side effect of that. Keep that in mind. This not a weight loss program, it is to kickstart a healthy lifestyle and teach different methods to maintain that.

I'm eager to start showing you what this whole thing is about and how it will benefit your goal of being a healthier happier you. I will not dig deep into the science of things, just show you the way of how to do it. It is also strongly recommended that you continuously feel what your body is telling you. Are you not feeling good, stop doing what you do. This is not a supplement for going to your doctor. And if you have any illness or concerns, please advice you local physician before embarking on this journey.

With that said, welcome again and let's dive into things.

ChristerHealth Helper

Understanding how the 7-Day Kickstart Program is built and works is crucial for your success. If you have any, and I mean ANY, questions please let me know in the Facebook group. Don't worry if you don't understand, no questions are too simple or too advanced.