Let's Explore the 7-Day Kickstart Program

Basics during the week

Intermittent fasting

During this kickstart week we're going to use something called intermittent fasting. It is basically a longer period of time when you don't eat. The schedule is 16/8, which means fast for 16h eat for 8h. When I use it I eat my last meal at 19:00 in the evening and my first meal the next day at 11:00. Nothing crazy. If it suits you better you can go 18:00-10:00 or 20:00-12:00. The key is not to eat during 16h a day.

So why this? For the last 200 000 years or so we haven't had consistent 3 meals a day or a snickers bar at an arm lengths distance at all times. This is hard wired in our human blueprint, to be fasting for longer periods of time, sometimes days.

But let's not get crazy here!

This will also make your body balance you hormonal excretion. We have over 50 hormones in our bodies that regulate all sorts of things, like hunger, satisfaction, joy, sleepiness etc. During this 7 Day Kickstart we will re-balance your hormonal excretion.

Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are an easy way of getting a full nutrient packed meal without any prior cooking knowledge. We're utilising these since they are time saving, delicious and nutrient packed.

Plantbased Eating

This week we are eating fully plant based. Which means all you eat is coming from whole food plants. This is to give your body as much nutrients as possible and create an alkaline state in your body. In an alkaline state inflammation can not exist. So it is a kickstart of getting rid of all inflammation and get your body all the nutrients it needs to thrive. Plant based food is also low on calories which gives you a head start in kicking the weight loss in the right direction. It will also give the body the energy and nutrients it needs to detox as much as possible during this week.

Breathing Exercise

The morning breathing exercise is to oxygenate your brain and give you extra energy.

Morning Walk

This is also to oxygenate your body and to kickstart your metabolism. The morning walk should not be a stroll, it should be with a spring in your step to raise your HR a little. However, if you prefer running that is even better.


I can not stress enough that you need to feel how your body responds to this week. You need to be a part of everything you do and learn how to read what your body tells you. If you're allergic to something please do not use it, exchange it for something else or send and email to


to ask for advice. While doing the morning breathing exercise sit in a chair or in a comfortable space in case you get dizzy. Most people are not used to oxygenate like this which might lead to dizziness. It is not dangerous in any way, but if it gets too uncomfortable, stop.

The WorkBook - The means to be successful

Being successful in this program means to plan ahead. To be prepared for when the shit hits the fan. It will happen and the more you are prepared on how to handle it the bigger chance you have to handle the issue and move on to a successful 7-Day Kickstart program.

Being here you probably have some understanding of why you want to kickstart your life right? And also some understanding of what made you get to this point. It might be chocolate, candy, too much bread, binge eating, bad sleep etc. What you need to do is actually quite easy, recognise why you're doing this, recognise where you might bump into trouble during the week and plan how to handle the bumping. Sit down with the workbook for a couple of minutes and go through the following.

  • Why you want to do the 7-Day Kickstart Program​
  • What trouble you might bump into this week
  • How to handle the bumping

Being prepared and having an action plan for when you might bump into trouble will give you an advantage to be successful in this program. It takes time to perfect this but now you're using the same technique olympic gold medalists have used for decades.

7-Day Kickstart Schedule and Checklist


  • Intermittent fasting schedule of start eating at 11:00 in the morning and end at 19:00 in the evening.
  • 20 min morning walk followed by the morning breathing exercise.
  • 500ml of room temperatured water in the morning, and with any snack or meal.


  • Double batch green smoothie, drunk at 11:00 and 13:00 together with one energy bar and a fruit.
  • Afternoon snack with 2 pieces of fruit and an energy bar at 16:00.
  • Dinner consisting of oatmeal or suggested dinner in recipes eaten as close to 19:00 as possible.
  • Drink 500ml of water to each meal or snack.

Shopping List

17 Bananas
76 Dates
400g fresh Ginger
7 Avocados
200g Hemp Seeds (without peel)
100g Wheatgrass Powder
700g Fresh Spinach
2 Lemons
300g Mango
2 Oranges
2L Plant Based Milk
Lots of Water
500ml of frozen Raspeberries or berry of your choice
1 Box of Rolled Oats (need 100ml per serving)
1 Box of Sunflower Seeds (need 200ml for power bars and 1tbsp per serving of King of Oates)
Ground Flax Seeds (need 1tbsp per serving)
500g Crushed Tomtoes
500g Tomato Passata (if you can't find it use another crushed tomatoes instead
Tomato Puree
Sundried Tomatoes
Chilis of your choice
Fresh Ground Black Pepper
Onions of your choice (3-4)
Garlic (need 5-6 cloves depending of how you like garlic)
300g Mushrooms
1 large Zucchini or Eggplant (maybe sweet potatoes, pumpkin or your favorite veggie)
500g Pasta or Brown Rice
Coconut Oil or Olive Oil for frying
300g of Black Beans (or your favorite bean)
300g of Kidney Beans (or your 2nd favorite bean)
21 fruits of your choice (3 fruits per day)
Fresh herbs for serving
Hot Sauce of your choice (I like it a little hot so serve the pasta and bean stew with some hotness on it if you like)


Just a note on the recipes. I'm pretty low on salt when I cook. If you feel the need to add more salt or spices, fruits or veggies just do so. I like hot food, so anyone wanting to use hotter chili or pepper fruits go ahead. If you feel like switching out veggies for something more available in your country do so, or if there is something you like better for that matter. 

If you have a hard time getting hold of the super foods like hemp seeds or wheatgrass powder, ask me for substitutions or use sunflower seeds or more spinach instead. In the recipes with seeds any seed will do as long as it is unsalted and un-roasted. 

If have composed these recipes after Dr Micheal Gregors "Daily Dozen", which is the 12 foods we need to eat every day to live as healthy and long as possible. Also these recipes are composed and chosen to make it as easy as possible for you to go through this week. You batch make the energy bars and raw tomato sauce to be able to use it all week.

With that said, if you have any questions just ask in the Facebook group.



Spinach-Avocado-Mango - 1 banana, 4 dates, 1 thumb (20g) ginger, 1 tbsp (13g) hemp seeds, 1tsp (5g) wheatgrass powder, 2 hands (50g) baby spinach, 50g mango, 1/2 avocado (70g), 100ml plantbased milk, 300ml water

Spinach-Avocado-Lemon - 1 banana, 4 dates, 1 thumb (20g) ginger, 1 tbsp (13g) hemp seeds, 1tsp (5g) wheatgrass powder, 2 hands (50g) baby spinach, 1/2 Lemon (50g), 1/2 avocado (70g), 100ml plantbased milk, 300ml water

Spinach-Avocado-Orange - 1 banana, 4 dates, 1 thumb (20g) ginger, 1 tbsp (13g) hemp seeds, 1tsp (5g) wheatgrass powder, 2 hands (50g) baby spinach, 1 peeled orange (100g), 1/2 avocado (70g), 100ml plantbased milk, 300ml water

All other recipes are included in the videos on the video page.

Closing Note

This type of kickstarting week can be utilised whenever you feel the need to kickstart you life in the right direction. I know we sometimes fall into period of our lives with holidays, different eating routines, sickness or too much work. So at times, we need to firmly get back on track, and using my 7 day kickstart program will help you do just that. If executed correctly, you will feel energised, light, strong and happy. And it will also set the tone for you coming weeks ahead as well as kickstart you weight loss journey. Please send me your experience of the program to


when the program is finished.

Good luck! Have an awesome week!


ChristerHealth Helper

Cooking is easy so if you want to exchange anything in the smoothies for another fruit or superfood just go ahead and do it. If you'd like to add more fruits or veggies to any recipe, just do it. The important thing is that you eat more fruits and veggies to make any meal more nutrient dense, and to fight inflammation in your body. If you are unsure, just ASK in the Facebook Group.