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Aug 25

Do you want to cut your soda drinking in half?

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I moved away from home and ruled my own kingdom. A kingdom that was fast becoming filled with ”anything” fast food.

I was once overweight!

I moved away from home and ruled my own kingdom. A kingdom that was fast becoming filled with ”anything” fast food.

But hey, eating a lot was manly among my friends, and I probably ate the most. I also drank the most soda, Coca Cola was the name of the game when I was 25. Continue reading

Jul 05

Are you in survival mode all the time?

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Animals (including us) are survivalists and are focusing on staying alive

Ever heard of the human blueprint? No?

It has a lot of names but I call it the human blueprint. It is basically the way our body and mind works a s a default. The same way it has for the last couple of 100 000 years.

As with any other animal we are basically hard wired for survival. The survival part comes down to 3 things. Continue reading

May 17

The Green Smoothie Life Saver!

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When you sleep you’re in a fasted state. That is no eating or drinking for maybe 6-9h. When you wake up, the body need to be hydrated and get energy to start your busy day.

So what does this have to do with Green Smoothies? A lot…

In the morning after the fasted state the body needs something that is nutritious and easy to digest, and what is better than a juicy Green Smoothie? Well, not much and here’s why!Continue reading

Mar 22

3 ways to start eating healthier today

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It’s all about getting nutrient dense food in and skip the calorie dense, nutrient poor food.”


So eating healthy seems like a good plan right. But what is healthy eating? Well, to boil it down it means to get more nutrient dense foods in our bodies and skip the calorie dense foods. Here is three easy ways of start making healthier choices today.Continue reading

Mar 08

Eating the forbidden muffin, are you? – Part 3

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“Changing a habit is not really true. We’re actually talking about replacing a habit.”


We’ve now gone through that you get a cue, “the trigger”, for one of your cravings. You do a routine to meet the craving and after that you get a reward that connects the cue and the routine mentally. We’ve also discussed how to find out what other reward will shut your craving up.

I know, let’s not work at the symptom let’s find the underlying problem instead.

The cue-routine-reward loop is still in place and now we just need to replace the routine with a different option.

Let me explain what I did.Continue reading

Mar 01

Eating the forbidden muffin, are you? – Part 2

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“The trick is to rewire the reward to a new healthy routine”


Oh yes please, what do we get? What what what what?

The cue-routine-reward loop looks like this, you get the cue (as in my last post at 15:00 I got the craving for a muffin), you do the routine (as in buying and eating the muffin) and you get the reward (as in my mind being satisfied after my muffin is eaten). The reward then links the cue and routine even deeper in your mind.

Yep, there’s some serious linkage going on here folks!

So the question is, Continue reading

Feb 23

Eating the forbidden muffin, are you? – Part 1

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“The first step is to recognise WHAT habit you want to change. It needs to be specific.”


Are you like I was, eating too much muffins but wanted to stop? In this three part series, I’m going to help you get to the bottom of it and we’re starting with how to handle the cue.

The cue? Yes, the cue.

The cue is a trigger or a signal that triggers a craving. Since I’m focusing on helping you with habit change in training, nutrition and mindfulness, let’s whip out an example in one of those categories.

What about that snack you always eat to reward yourself?Yeah?

Mine was a muffin.Continue reading