Are you as healthy as you would like?


Have you ever broken a new years resolution to start a healthy life?

I help people get healthy. Period! PlantPusherLifestyle uses lots of small wins to build up to major lifestyle changes. It's called Micro Wins. Have you ever wanted to make a permanent change to a healthier lifestyle?   Yes?   Then this is for you...

Give me some tips!

Plantbased Living

Healthy starts with food. Eating mostly fruits and veggies makes a huge difference.

Exercise Routine

Being on a daily exercise routine is key. It's always better to walk 5min a day than 60min every 2 weeks.


Being present, being calm and accepting life. Meditation and living mindful helps you find new joy in life.

It's my third day and I am lovin it. I have a digestion problem but I have been feeling so good since I started the challenge. I am not bloated and I feel lighter. I didn't think I'd make it this far because I thought they would taste horrible but I'm enjoying the tastes.

South Africa

A PlantPusherLifestyle is all about eating nutrient dense food until you're full. Not counting calories, protein, carbs or fat. Living an active life with regular exercise and be mindful of your body and soul.